Build Killer Confidence &
Rock Your Sales
A two week series to build killer confidence & price your service or product so that it’s irresistible to your ideal clients (and they keep coming back for more!)

Event Dates:: October 5th & 7th, 12th & 14th 2021

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If you are a powerful and ambitious female entrepreneur stuck on selling your service or product at a price-point your ideal clients can't resist...


If you've ever thought, "Where the Eff are my clients" or "Am I charging too much or too little?" or "Is what I have to offer affordable?" or "Selling is soul-sucking, I'd rather just offer a donation" or "I love serving my clients, but I don't know how to attract them consistently, without the overwhelm"

You're in the right place & you're not alone!

In This 2 Week 'Build Your Confidence & Rock Your Sales' Series You’ll Discover…

  • Why confidence is the KEY to your sales success and what you can do to build this muscle so that your ideal clients are magnets to your service or product

  • Learn what an aligned sales system is and why creating one that is right for you and your business is vital so that you consistently attract new ideal clients without the stress or taking more time away from doing what you actually love

  • The #1 thing to remember when pricing your product or service so that your ideal clients can't resist it and keep coming back for more

  • The MOST EASE filled way to increase your profits without sacrificing your health or spending more time working

  • The Mindset behind your 6-Figure year and what to look out for when selling your offer so that your ideal clients only want to buy from you, versus someone else in your niche

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